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Established in September 2023, Starry Ferry Books 星渡書店 is an online bookstore based in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, drawing inspiration from Hong Kong's iconic Star Ferry. Our mission is to honor the cultural ties that unite us.

Similar to the graceful Star Ferry, our goal is to transport you to new worlds through our thoughtfully curated collection of books and treasures. Founded by Amanda Bok, our journey aims to capture the magic of waterfront moments where stories come alive.

Each book in our collection is carefully selected to take you on a literary adventure, from timeless classics to contemporary tales reflecting our diverse lives. Beyond being an online bookstore, Starry Ferry is a hub for connection, where stories are shared, discovered, and meaningful bonds are formed.

Much like the ferry ride offering a fresh perspective of Hong Kong's skyline, Starry Ferry Books provides a new avenue to explore literature and gifts. Join us as we embark on a journey transcending borders, celebrating the beauty of connection.

Welcome aboard! Let's set sail on an extraordinary adventure of literature, gifting, and unity!

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