About Starry Ferry

In the heart of the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, an enchanting literary haven awaits, inspired by the timeless allure of Hong Kong's iconic Star Ferry. Welcome to Starry Ferry Books, a tribute to the cultural currents that connect us all.

Just as the Star Ferry gracefully carries passengers across the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, our journey at Starry Ferry is about transporting you to uncharted realms through the pages of captivating books and thoughtful treasures. Our founder, Amanda Bok, embarked on this endeavor with a fervent desire to recreate the magic of those waterside moments—where tales of old and new converge, sparking imagination and fostering unity.

Each book, meticulously selected, holds the promise of embarking on a literary journey. From classic literature echoing the whispers of time to modern stories that resonate with our ever-evolving lives, our collection is a tapestry woven with diverse threads of culture, knowledge, and wonder.

But Starry Ferry is more than a mere bookstore; it's a vessel of connection. It's about the thrill of discovering stories, sharing them, and forging bonds across time zones and oceans. Our carefully curated gifts serve as tangible expressions of thoughtfulness, a modern echo of the Star Ferry's legacy in Hong Kong.

Just as the ferry ride offers a unique perspective of Hong Kong's skyline, Starry Ferry Books offers you a new lens to explore literature and gifting. With each turn of the page or unwrapping of a thoughtful present, you're invited to embark on your own personal journey—one that bridges cultures and celebrates the beauty of connection.

Join us on this voyage that transcends borders. Let the starry ferry be your guide as we navigate the vast sea of stories and gifts, guided by the shimmering lights of imagination and bound by the universal currents of human experience. Welcome aboard—it's time to set sail on an extraordinary adventure of literature, gifting, and unity!

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