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Joyce (Hsin-yu) Sun, 孫心瑜

香港遊 | A Tour of Hong Kong

香港遊 | A Tour of Hong Kong

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香港遊 - 一本視覺豐富、細緻入微的無字圖畫書,透過兩名兒童的眼睛,探索香港這個繁忙的都市中心,每位兒童從書的不同側面開始他們的旅程,最終在中間交會。年輕讀者會樂在其中,尋找女孩與她的紅色氣球,以及男孩帶著毛茸茸的狗巧妙地藏在圖畫中。兒童閱讀此書的方式──從前到後或從後到前──將改變他們對這個世界著名地方的關注和視角。

This visually rich and detailed wordless picture book explores the bustling urban center of Hong Kong through the eyes of two children--each starting their journey on different sides of the book and intersecting in the middle. Young readers will delight in finding the girl with her red balloon and the boy with his scruffy dog carefully tucked into the drawings. How children read the book--front to back or back to front--will change their focus and perspective on this world-famous place.

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