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Brooke Romney

52 Modern Manners for Kids by Brooke Romney

52 Modern Manners for Kids by Brooke Romney

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"This is the first step to helping children gain self-awareness and create habits that will set them up for meaningful relationships and polite interactions."--Back cover.

"52 Modern Manners for Kids" by Brooke Romney is a thoughtfully crafted guide designed for children aged 6-10 to develop essential social skills and cultivate meaningful relationships through positive habits. The book engages young readers with practical scenarios and discussions about manners, making it an effective tool for parents and educators.

The book's approach is not only informative but also interactive, offering relatable situations that prompt children to think about appropriate behavior. The engaging nature of the content has resonated well with readers, particularly a 9-year-old who finds it captivating. This child takes the initiative to read ahead and practice the lessons with a sibling, showcasing the book's effectiveness in making manners an enjoyable and collaborative learning experience.

Families have incorporated the book into their routines, dedicating time during family dinners to explore one page every 4-5 days. The inclusion of "what should you do" scenarios adds a practical dimension, prompting discussions among children aged 5 and 8. The book serves as a catalyst for conversations about manners, encouraging children to reflect on and apply these principles in various social settings.

The testimonials from parents highlight the positive impact of the book. It not only sparks conversations within the family but also extends to observations of other children's behavior outside the home. The book serves as a reference point for reinforcing good manners, providing a starting place for families to instill these principles.

In essence, "52 Modern Manners for Kids" emerges as a valuable tool that not only imparts crucial life skills but also fosters open communication within families. Its engaging scenarios and practical approach make it a must-have resource for parents aiming to guide their children toward polite and considerate behavior.

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About the Author

Brooke Romney is a writer, speaker, educator and connector. She has been published in The Washington Post, The Deseret News, Scary Mommy and a host of other online publications where her pieces have been read millions of times. She writes avidly on her blog and Instagram page @BrookeRomneyWrites where she has created a large, vibrant community of learning and growth.

She comes from very girly roots but has somehow morphed into an outdoor exploring, dirt loving mom of 4 boys, and couldn’t be happier about it. She is married to a man who keeps her on her toes but keeps loving her even when she leaves all the cupboards open and clothes on the floor.

They have bounced across the country from California to Virginia and Arizona to Michigan, but have put down roots in Utah and can’t get enough of the gorgeous mountains, family-friendly lifestyle, and enviable four seasons.

When she is not writing or mothering, you can find her in a good book, volunteering in the schools, or on a walk with a friend. She has a weakness for gummy candy, sunshine, youth sports, and family travel but also find magic in the ordinary moments that have become rather sacred in our fast paced world. Meaningful connection with family, friends, strangers, and God is central to her life and where she finds purpose and joy.

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