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Kellie Kunzler (Author)

A Different Kind of Same: A Country Girl's View of the World

A Different Kind of Same: A Country Girl's View of the World

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What could a country girl possibly have in common with someone raised in a city?

Actually, more than you think. When we take the time to look past our differences, finding things in common is easy.

In this collection of stories, the author shares thoughts and insights gained through her observations of life.

Kellie was raised in the country and still lives on a farm today. But the experiences she writes about are helpful no matter where one lives. Everyday encounters are turned into inspirational messages.

We all want to fit in. Once we realize this, it's the beginning of seeing others in a new way; making it easier to be more patient and kind.

Her desire is to share a message of hope, understanding, and recognition of how alike we really are.

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