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Magdalena Rodriguez (Author), Katerina Golivets (Illustrator)

A Most Awesome Christmas Present by Magdalena Rodriguez - Children's Jesus Books

A Most Awesome Christmas Present by Magdalena Rodriguez - Children's Jesus Books

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It a Christmas fictional tale of a little girl that wants to give a most awesome Christmas present. But no secret Santa exchanges are allowed at school, so she is sad. She bikes to her fishing pier in South Florida where she sees a magical circle in the water. She falls through it and becomes a manatee. She makes a manatee and shark friend. She joins them on their daily southerly swim to the statue and back. She begins to come up with ideas to give her new friends a most awesome Christmas present but there are only a few days left until Christmas. Meanwhile she keeps telling them the story of who the statue is they keep swimming around. More manatees want to know who he is. Time is ticking. Will she get to give the most awesome Christmas present?

Children's Jesus Books

Children's Christmas Books

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Magdalena Rodriguez

Hi, My inspiration is Faith. family, love, science, nature, and animals. We were born with the gift of imagination. I hope to tap into that for some fun stories for a getaway. At times perhaps a little life lesson to touch on. I enjoy history and science so will add little tidbits to my books. As an example, there is one in my book The Most Awesome Christmas Present. The last name of the main character Trudy Tuckell is derived from the last names of the two founding women of Miami, Julia Tuttle and Mary Brickell. Thank you for visiting my page.

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