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Bananagrams Game: Multi-Award-Winning Word Game

Bananagrams Game: Multi-Award-Winning Word Game

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"Bananagrams Game: The Ultimate Anagram Challenge for All Ages"

The award-winning word game that needs no pencil, paper or board. Fast and Fun! Great for Travel! Players race against each other to build crossword grids!

Discover the anagram game that will keep you on your toes! Bananagrams is the multi-award-winning word game that requires no paper, pencil, or board. In this fast and fun game, players compete to construct crossword grids and use up all their letter tiles before their opponents. Perfect for individuals aged 7 and up, Bananagrams is not only a thrilling word game but also a fantastic travel companion. It comes in a compact, banana-shaped pouch, making it easy to take anywhere you go.

Key Features:

  • No Board Needed: Bananagrams is an engaging word game that doesn't require any cumbersome boards or extra equipment.
  • Race Against Time: Compete against your friends and family to assemble crossword grids as quickly as possible.
  • Portable Fun: Thanks to its convenient banana-shaped pouch, Bananagrams is an ideal game for those on the move.
  • A Game for Everyone: Suitable for players aged 7 and up, this word-building game is great for all ages.
  • Fast-Paced Play: In Bananagrams, it's not about points but about speed. Be the first to use all your letter tiles and shout 'peel!' to challenge your opponents.
  • Perfect for Travel: The portable design allows you to take Bananagrams on your adventures and play with fellow travelers.
  • Family Fun: Bananagrams is the result of a family's love for word games. It's designed for families and friends to enjoy together.
  • Multi-Award Winner: This game has earned recognition from various sources and is beloved by celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Maggie Smith, and Jimmy Kimmel.
  • Educational Value: Thousands of schools worldwide participate in the annual Bananagrams School Club, using the game to enhance word and spelling skills.

Experience the word-building excitement of Bananagrams, the beloved game enjoyed by celebrities and schoolchildren alike. Get your game today and challenge your friends and family to a thrilling word showdown!

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