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Daryl McCullough, Maryanne Smith

Chubby the Bear's Big Choice by Daryl McCullough

Chubby the Bear's Big Choice by Daryl McCullough

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Chubby the Bear enjoys eating honey and swinging on the branches of redwood trees high above the forest floor. When bear-cub bullies tease and shame him about his weight, Chubby wrestles with how to respond. Two of his forest friends - a raccoon and a beaver - encourage him to embrace his differences, which might even be his strengths. Chubby takes matters into his own paws and delivers an unforgettable message to his bullies. He makes a big choice to stand up for himself and demonstrate his courage and skills. In doing so, he finds his confidence and ability to love himself and his body.

Ultimately, Chubby the Bear also earns the respect and attention of the other bear cubs, who see things differently in the end. Chubby the Bear's Big Choice is a picture book with messages for children and adults, especially those struggling with bullying, body image, weight, or self-esteem issues. Chubby teaches to trust in ourselves and celebrate our individuality, which is a true gift! Readers of all ages will enjoy its sumptuous illustrations that bring the imagination to life in all of nature's beauty.

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Editorial Reviews

"Delve into the heartwarming tale of "Chubby the Bear's Big Choice," a story skillfully addressing bullying and self-acceptance. With relatable scenarios perfect for discussing social challenges, body image, and kindness, this book, adorned with vibrant illustrations, is a recommended read for children of all ages. As an editor at Starry Ferry Books, I enthusiastically suggest "Chubby" as an engaging tool for parents and teachers to spark meaningful conversations while sharing a delightful story with young readers. Get ready for an adventure that not only captivates but also imparts valuable life lessons." -- Starry Ferry Books

About the Author

Daryl McCullough is a writer and marketing communications executive who loves creative expression. He lives in the Los Angeles area with his husband George and their dog Ferdinand. “The Story of Tree and Cloud” is shared in memory of his mother and is his first published book.

Maryanne Smith is an artist living and creating artwork in her home of York County, PA. She has spent much of her life capturing nature on canvas; she also enjoyed a career creating artwork and designs for premium wallpaper for York Wallcoverings. She is Daryl’s aunt.

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