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Narelle Cridland

Lorry the Lorikeet and Alice Springs visit Hong Kong

Lorry the Lorikeet and Alice Springs visit Hong Kong

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Lorry the Lorikeet and Alice Springs sat aboard their Cathay Pacific Flight on another incredible plight to see some of Hong Kong's sites. But, what will be first on their must-do agenda to make their trip something to remember?
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Embark on a delightful adventure with "Lorry the Lorikeet and Alice Springs" as they take flight on a Cathay Pacific journey to explore the wonders of Hong Kong. This charming book is a must-read for anyone seeking a heartwarming and enchanting travel story.

The story unfolds as Lorry and Alice Springs, with their contagious enthusiasm, set out to make the most of their Hong Kong trip. As they traverse this vibrant city, they encounter a series of captivating adventures that promise to leave you with a smile on your face.

Author Narelle Cridland, an Australian who once called Hong Kong home, brings a unique perspective to this tale. Her personal connection to both places adds depth and authenticity to the narrative, making it a relatable and enjoyable read for all ages.

Narelle Cridland, a talented teacher and artist, not only shares her love for storytelling but also her passion for the arts. Her dedication to rescuing and caring for Lorry the lorikeet shines through in this heartwarming story. Discover how Lorry impacted Narelle's life and find inspiration in their extraordinary bond.

"Lorry the Lorikeet and Alice Springs Visit Hong Kong" is a book that celebrates the joy of travel, the magic of friendship, and the beauty of unexpected connections. Whether you're a young reader or simply young at heart, this book promises an unforgettable journey.

About the Author

Narelle Cridland was born in Australia but moved to Hong Kong in 1997. In early 2019, she returned to Australia and now lives and works in Perth. Narelle is a teacher and an artist. She has exhibited her paintings and photographic works internationally and in Australia. While teaching visual arts at a local primary school she rescued a rainbow lorikeet who had been attacked by crows. Although Narelle had saved Lorry's life and nursed him back to health, she did not anticipate Lorry's impact when it came to her own wellbeing.

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