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Christina Furnival (Author), Katie Dwyer (Illustrator)

My Brilliant, Resilient Mind: How to Ditch Negative Thinking and Handle Hard Things Better

My Brilliant, Resilient Mind: How to Ditch Negative Thinking and Handle Hard Things Better

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​​ How can I help my child think more positively, even when facing a problem?​

My child sometimes makes their own situation worse; how can I help them be more resilient?​

How can I help my child recognize problematic thinking before it takes over their emotions?​

Christina Furnival, a licensed mental health therapist and mom, answers these questions in this empowering and uplifting rhyming story about twins who work through challenges by learning how to reframe their thoughts, gain perspective, and help themselves to bounce back from hardship. In ​ My Brilliant, Resilient Mind​ , children will grow in resilience and learn how to harness the power of thinking to improve their lives.

By teaching children how to recognize unhelpful thoughts and replace them with more balanced ones, this book equips them with the tools they need to confidently and successfully overcome the many obstacles life throws their way.

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Editorial Reviews

“We need more books that highlight resilience for children! As a clinician who works with young children experiencing complex trauma, I love having this book as a tangible resource. My Brilliant, Resilient Mind is a must-have! It’s a beautiful and playful story to help children learn how to get through tough times and tap into their resiliency.”

—Christine Mark-Griffin, LCSW, author of the EMDR Workbook for Kids


“As those who work with children know, SEL is quite the buzzword, yet many schools do not have the resources to support explicit teaching and coaching. This book is a must-have for every parent, caregiver, and educator, especially in our current climate. My Brilliant, Resilient Mind does not sugarcoat the negative thoughts and pressures that we all face, which helps kids find themselves and their experiences in the text. This book is a fabulous way to show children the power of self-reflection and mindfulness. Add this to your shelf—you will not regret it!”

—Jake Daggett, educator and advocate, @jake_daggett


My Brilliant, Resilient Mind illustrates the power of embracing a positive, flexible mindset through the story of a set of twins going through a tough time. The two children learn how to shift their thinking in order to gain perspective and find happiness. I especially appreciate how this title teaches young readers about different unhelpful thinking patterns, or cognitive distortions, as well as actionable ways to reframe them—what a valuable skill to learn at a young age!”

—Elizabeth (The Kid Lit Mama), @thekidlitmama

About the Author

Christina Furnival, MS, LPCC, is a wife, mother of three, writer, author, and licensed mental health therapist. With over a decade of experience in the field, she is passionate about helping parents and children grow their skill sets, overcome challenges, and gain confidence to live happy, fulfilling lives. Her meaningful stories in theCapable Kiddosseries serve as entertaining and enlightening resources to empower children and to make them feel capable of managing tough situations and their accompanying emotions. Visit her at and on Instagram @CapableKiddosBooks.

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