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Christina de Witte, Mallika Kauppinen

Noodles, Rice, and Everything Spice - A Thai Comic Book Cookbook

Noodles, Rice, and Everything Spice - A Thai Comic Book Cookbook

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An approachable, fun comic book cookbook tour of Thai culture and cuisine with 50 recipes and stories from the country's main culinary regions

From an exciting all-female, all-Thai team, Noodles, Rice, and Everything Spice combines easy-to-follow comic book panels with pops of vibrant food photography to perfectly capture the bright, colorful flavors and ingredients that are crucial to Thai cuisine.

Noodles, Rice, and Everything Spice showcases real Thai food from the country’s distinct culinary regions. Journey to the northern Lanna region and dine “khan tok”–style with small bowls of chile dips, curries, sticky rice, and vegetables on a gilded pedestal tray for sharing; sit cross-legged on a bamboo mat around a spread of tangy salads and grilled meats in the northeast Isaan region; roam the bustling markets of central Bangkok for iconic street food treats; and lounge on a beach in southern Thailand with dangerously spicy seafood.

With recipes divided into six delectable sections for any meal or mood of the day, discover how to make world-class snacks and starters such as Som Tam (papaya salad) and Satay Gai (grilled chicken skewers), or iconic noodle dishes such as Khao Soi (coconut curry noodle soup) and Pad Kee Mao (drunken noodles), as well as some lesser-known regional favorites to pair with rice such as Pad Sator (stir-fried bitter beans) from the south and Nam Prik Ong (Ong’s spicy pork and tomato chile dip) from the north. The book also teaches helpful cooking and preparation techniques such as how to properly grate a papaya, make sticky rice in the microwave, fry an egg to crispy perfection, and more.

In celebration of the warm, welcoming spirit of Thailand, Noodles, Rice, and Everything Spice shares the secrets to making these dynamic Thai dishes at home, whether as a quick one-plate meal or a showstopping spread of multiple dishes for enjoying communally.
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Editorial Reviews

“This fun guide to Thai food in comic book form weaves in the history of each dish and lots of cooking tips, plus just enough food photography to keep your mouth watering.”—Epicurious

“Cookbooks often languish on our kitchen shelves, but the exuberant illustrations ofNoodles, Rice, and Everything Spice: A Thai Comic Book Cookbookwill have you turning to its recipes for years to comic . . . cartoon versions of de Witte and Kauppinen lead you through the fundamentals of Thai cooking and an array of common recipes whose steps are whimsically drawn out. Tools, ingredients, stirring guidelines, timers, heat levels and more are diagrammed in a manner that provides both joy and exceptional clarity unmatched by most cookbooks.”—Bookpage, starred review

“This comic-book cookbook will appeal to readers who enjoy their cooking instruction with a side of graphic-novel sensibility. De Witte and Kauppinen will easily convince them to get in the kitchen and make these mouthwatering favorites.”—Booklist

About the Author

Christina De Witte began creating comics in art school but was criticized for their "childish" nature. Despite the negative criticism, she continued to pursue her dream of creating webcomics and in time, Chrostin was born. Now 20 years old, Christina studies Communications and lives with her father, grandfather, brother, and cat in a small city in Belgium.

Mallika Kauppinen grew up in a remote area of southern Thailand where cooking was a huge part of her life. She now teaches Finnish and Thai online and has founded her own education company.

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