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Jill Schlesinger

The Great Money Reset: Change Your Work, Change Your Wealth, Change Your Life

The Great Money Reset: Change Your Work, Change Your Wealth, Change Your Life

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Ten timely financial steps to build the life you really want.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to rethink everything. Now, when it comes to envisioning a post-pandemic future, noted financial expert Jill Schlesinger hears one question over and over: How far should I really go to change my life?

The Great Money Reset is your guide to getting serious and building your best life. A road map for navigating our present era, this book shows us how to take advantage of the seismic changes unfurling all around us to make big life improvements. Whether it’s negotiating a better deal with your boss, starting or selling a business, moving to a new locale, retraining for a new career, taking time off to find yourself, or saying “the heck with it” and retiring early, The Great Money Reset provides an essential frame-work for strategizing and planning your next move.

Is quitting your job a wise decision or the biggest mistake of your life? Should you pursue that graduate degree or are you throwing away your money for a few meaningless letters after your name? What kinds of lifestyle sacrifices will you need to make―and could you tolerate―in order to realize your dreams? What tax and investment moves should you make to secure your future as you head into uncharted territory? And how can you put yourself in a strong position to undertake future life transitions that you can’t fully imagine now?

The Great Money Reset answers these and many other questions with Jill’s signature clarity, wit, and no-nonsense honesty. You’ll learn how to change your work, change your wealth, and change your life.

In ten simple steps, this book empowers you to break free of your unsatisfying pre-pandemic reality and thrive, regardless of whatever surprises might come next.

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Editorial Reviews

"This is a masterclass in how to successfully manage your money and make a big move in a changed (and changing) world. It's also a book, which means it's available 24/7 and I can stop calling Jill at all hours. But, Jill, fair warning: I'm still going to call." - Katy Tur, MSNBC Anchor and New York Times-bestselling author of Unbelievable and Rough Draft

"Wise, no-nonsense, practical, realistic - and above all humane. If you're thinking of making a big change to your life and your finances, this is the book you need." - Tim Harford, Financial Times columnist and author ofThe Data Detective and The Undercover Economist

"With warmth, intelligence, humor and truly smart, actionable advice, Jill lays out a detailed guide to identifying what you really want and how to make it happen.The Great Money Reset speaks directly to the changing values and priorities many of us have about our work and our lives. Want to move out of the big city? Want to quit your soul-crushing job and travel for a year? Want to start a new career? Want to retire early? Jill shows you how to examine your finances, organize your priorities and make it happen. This is full-on financial therapy that will help readers make their dreams into a plan and live their best lives." - Stacey Vanek Smith, host for Planet Money on NPR and author of Machiavelli for Women

"An urgently needed road map for navigating the financial implications of resetting to a deeper, more meaningful life." - Cal Newport, New York Times-bestselling author of A World Without Email and Deep Work

"A timely, practical guide to using whatever money you have to get whatever it is you need: a change of job, a change of partner, a change of life --Jill's got you covered." - Tony Dokoupil, Co-host of CBS Mornings

"Reading The Great Money Reset is like having a team of gurus whispering in your ear. Jill Schlesinger enlists her trademark clarity and humor to serve simultaneously as your world-class financial advisor, kick-butt performance coach, and open-hearted friend. If you’re contemplating making a change in your work or life – and aren’t we all? – this book is an essential read.” - Daniel H. Pink, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Power of Regret, Drive andTo Sell is Human

About the Author

JILL SCHLESINGER is the Emmy-nominated and two-time Gracie award-winning business analyst for CBS News. She is the host of the podcast and nationally syndicated radio show, Jill on Money, and the author of The Dumb Things Smart People Do with Their Money.

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