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Scott C. Anderson

The Psychobiotic Revolution - Mood, Food, and the New Science of the Gut-Brain Connection

The Psychobiotic Revolution - Mood, Food, and the New Science of the Gut-Brain Connection

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This cutting-edge book reveals how a healthy gut can drive psychological well-being, improve your mood, and combat common diseases including depression, anxiety, obesity, heart disease--even autism and Alzheimer's--all by nurturing your microbiome. 

Welcome to psychobiotics, the revolutionary new scientific field that treats the common ailments of our time. Leading medical researchers John F. Cryan and Ted Dinan, together with veteran journalist Scott C. Anderson, explain the operations of the all-critical gut-brain axis, revealing how overall well-being depends on a healthy population of intestinal bacteria.

For the first time, Cryan and Dinan--who coined the term "psychobiotics"--introduce the microbes essential to brain health and explain how changes in lifestyle and diet can keep them thriving. With useful charts naming bacteria species and laboratory-tested psychobiotic products, along with disease-by-disease accounts of the role a healthy gut plays in prevention and treatment, this comprehensive guide illuminates the essential steps you need to improve your life--all by maintaining a healthy gut.
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Editorial Reviews


"More questions about gut, human health and disease? Try [The Psychobiotic Revolution]"–Psychology Today

"This is an accessible guide for a lay audience on science that could radically alter the understanding of anxiety and depression, along with a host of other conditions." –Publishers Weekly

“…I recommend reading The Psychobiotic Revolution by Scott C. Anderson.” –

“Although decidedly aimed at the lay reader, the tone throughout is very humorous; I found myself swiftly turning pages, excitedly anticipating the next witty joke. Overall, this is a great book that encourages you to 'take charge of your gut to optimize your mind and your mood'. This is a book that you would reluctantly lend to friends, in the fear that they might not return it.”–Lancet 

"The hope is that it may one day be possible to diagnose some brain diseases and mental health problems by analysing gut bacteria, and to treat them – or at least augment the effects of drug treatments – with specific bacteria. Cryan and his colleague Ted Dinan call these mood-altering germs “psychobiotics”, and have co-written a book with the American science writer Scott C Anderson calledThe Psychobiotic Revolution." —The Guardian

"The Psychobiotic Revolution could change how you think."

"The authors of The Psychobiotic Revolution present clear research that we are indeed what we eat and that our lives would be much more enjoyable if we could balance our gut health in order to balance the rest of us."Peppermint PhD. blog

“This book is written for a lay person.  It does a very good job of explaining some difficult concepts in a way that will be easily understood by people who don’t have any biology background without dumbing the subject matter down so much that people with more knowledge would cringe as they read it.  That’s a fine line to walk.” –Spirit blog

“Many of my burning questions were answered in a simple and succinct way that makes the battle to improve our health and diet much more feasible.” –Jathan & Heather blog

“Packed with the latest scientific research, [the book] informs and fascinates” –Literary Quicksand blog“The authors have combined all the most significant information and then gleaned out the important issues that the reader needs to know in an extremely easy to read book, which becomes a real page-turner.  This short book certainly relates to “You are what you Eat!” –Patricia’s Wisdom blog

“This authoritative yet engaging book provides up-to-the minute research and practical advice on the gut-brain axis, perhaps the most exciting area of science today. Written by some of the leaders in the field, it gives terrific insight into what is going on in the gut, how to change it to improve mood, and the largely unappreciated links between mental health and the many other diseases now linked to the gut microbiome.”—Rob Knight, Director of the Center for Microbiome Innovation, University of California at San Diego, author of Follow Your Gut and coauthor of Dirt is Good

“Anderson, Cryan and Dinan have infused life into cutting edge research that is often still mired in the scientific language…. The authors take on a near impossible task, to translate 150 years of research into the infinite complexity of human behavior and make it digestible. Compelling, engaging and informative, this book teaches us why microbes may affect all of our decisions…. This is brain food!”

About the Author

Scott Anderson was born on an American Airbase in Frankfurt, Germany and shuttled around the world, as Air Force brats are wont to do. After graduating with a degree in physics from Sonoma State University, he proceeded to program and write about computers and technology. He wrote Supermap, published by Apple; Datadex, published by IUS; and Fantavision, published by Broderbund. He wrote a book on tweening, warping and morphing called Morphing Magic, which included open-source C code.

Anderson co-created LEGO Island with Wes Jenkins, Dennis Goodrow, Paul Melmed and Dave Patch in 1997. With Dr. Ann Kiessling, he wrote Human Embryonic Stem Cells, published by Jones & Bartlett in 2006. Anderson coauthored The Psychobiotic Revolution with John Cryan and Ted Dinan, published by National Geographic in 2017.

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