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The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives and Why the Church Was Right All Along

The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives and Why the Church Was Right All Along

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The Sexual Revolution - and the breakdown of the Family - has brought misery to millions. In The Sexual State Jennifer Roback Morse shows that the Sexual Revolution did not just “happen” like a force of nature. Rather, it was deliberately created by “elites,” harnessing the power of the State, allowing them to inflict three false and calamitous ideologies – contraception, divorce, and gender – that have led to widespread and profound unhappiness, and worse.

The ideas of the Sexual Revolution did not emerge from the lived experiences of ordinary people, the government has been imposing the morality of an out-of-touch elite class on the rest of us for decades.

The Sexual State turns the conventional wisdom on its head to reveal how:
  • The Sexual Revolution is and always has been a creation of the State
  • Social issues are unified and can be understood as the outgrowth of a few simple (but gravely flawed) principles.
  • Children have identity and relational rights with respect to their parents…and how the Sexual State denies children these rights.
Social conservative ideas and traditional Catholic morality are getting clobbered. And the dirty secret that no one wants to acknowledge – until now! -  is that the progressive social elites have rigged the system. Most people don’t love abortion, or divorce, or single-parent families! Thankfully, Dr. Morse, and the Catholic Church, have the answer. It is vital that those who would change the culture understand how we got there, otherwise, the countering tactics will remain important.
In this masterful take-down of the Sexual Revolution and its promoters, Morse calls for a widespread adherence to the principles of the Church. Only then will our society recover from the misrule of “the elites” and the “managerial class.”
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Editorial Reviews

“No one explains how our culture’s harmful ideas about sex have victimized vulnerable people, now with the full power of the state, more clearly than Jennifer Roback Morse.”John Stonestreet, President, the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview

“The Sexual Revolution has produced more victims —-dead and injured—-than any revolution in history…. Jennifer Roback Morse shows how this came to be and provides answers for a way out.” Austin Ruse, author of Fake Science: Exposing the Left’s Skewed Statistics, Fuzzy Facts, and Dodgy Data 

“Through in-depth analysis and recounting the personal stories of victims of the sexual revolution, Morse convincingly demonstrates (that) the real purpose of government today is to give people the sex lives they want, with a minimum of inconvenience.’Doug Mainwaring, journalist, pro-family activist, and married (to a woman) same-sex attracted man. 

“Dr. Morse will help you understand the causes for the rapid decline of morality and family life in the United States and more importantly what is needed to renew marriage, families, and our nation.”Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, Archbishop of Kansas City in Kansas

“Jennifer Roback Morse pulls the ideological curtain from the Sexual Revolution. In plain, common sense terms, saturated with irrefutable facts, she shows what everybody experiences, but hardly anybody dares to name: The huge costs, the immense suffering, the deeply wounded victims of this revolution, above all the children.”Gabriele Kuby, author of The Global Sexual Revolution – Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom 

“Few voices have consistently offered us the bold moral clarity on the Sexual Revolution that Jennifer Roback Morse has long provided.”—Paul Kengor, Ph.D., professor of political science, Grove City College, author of Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage

“In this stunner of a book, Dr. Jennifer Roback-Morse chronicles … how ‘sexual liberation’ turned the liberated into slaves who are both the inmates and the guards of their own prisons.”Patrick CoffinHost, The Patrick Coffin ShowAuthor, The Contraception Deception

About the Author

Jennifer Roback Morse PhD

Dr. Morse is the founder of the Ruth Institute, a non-profit organization founded to expose and address the lies created by the Sexual Revolution over the last fifty years. She has authored numerous books, including: Love and Economics: It Takes a Family to Raise a Village, 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage, and Smart Sex: Finding Life-long love in a Hook-Up World. Morse earned her PhD in economics in 1980 and has taught at Yale University and George Mason University. For more information about the Ruth Institute, visit

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