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Tom Mach (Author)

Unearthing The True Cross: What if the cross of Christ is buried in the Mt. of Olives?

Unearthing The True Cross: What if the cross of Christ is buried in the Mt. of Olives?

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While landscaping on the Mount of Olives, Dante Leon encounters a Bedouin man who insists that when he explored a Qumran cave, he found a map showing where Jesus was really crucified. To prove him wrong, Dante digs in that spot and discovers five pieces of ancient wood as well as a scroll written by Jospeh of Arimathea. A deaf and mute lost orphan girl encounters Dante, who cures her with prayer and one of these artifacts. A blind boy is similarly cured the next day. As a result, some Muslims are converting to the Christian faith. Dante’s daughter Daniella departs for America while an Iranian imam, outraged at seeing how miracles had influenced Islamic conversions, sends his son Malik to follow Daniella and retrieve those artifacts she is taking to America. Eventually, Dante and others are convinced these artifacts are remnants of the True Cross. Malik plans to kill Abby, Dante’s other daughter, while an assassin is hired to kill the pope, as he is about to make an important announcement concerning these relics.

Through the dialogue and actions of the characters in this novel, answers to several questions surface, such as
  • Where was Christ really crucified & where was He buried?
  • Is it true that the True Cross has still not been found?
  • Why was Christ not buried in the Garden Tomb?
  • What is the reason Golgotha was called “Skull Place?”


Biblical Fiction

Christian Mystery & Suspense

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About the Author

Mach wrote three award-winning historical novels, Sissy!, All Parts Together, and Angels at Sunset. The latter book was also a finalist for the International Book Award and was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 2012. He won the Coffin Book Award for Sissy! As a result of his success in publishing short stories, he also published a collection of short stories entitled Tom's Travels. Tom has also published numerous articles in magazines, including one that became a feature article for Writer's Digest. He has written two children's chapter books: Homer and The Invisible Twins.

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