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Mandy Davis (Author)

A Matter of Principal: A Former School Principal's Journey to Redefine Education and Bring Learning Back to the Home

A Matter of Principal: A Former School Principal's Journey to Redefine Education and Bring Learning Back to the Home

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In "A Matter of Principal," Mandy Davis takes readers on a heartfelt voyage from the corridors of traditional schooling into the nurturing embrace of homeschooling.

Rooted in her experience as an elementary school principal, Mandy highlights the gaps in a system that often overlooks the diverse needs of individual children. As a dedicated mother and educator, she felt the call to transition to homeschooling, seeking a more personalized and meaningful educational experience for her own children.

This book is not just about Mandy's transformative journey. It's an inspiring call to action for families everywhere to rethink the essence of education. Mandy shares her challenges, triumphs, and invaluable insights, encouraging parents to explore the vast potential of learning beyond traditional boundaries. Dive into her world, and discover a universe where education is tailored to the unique rhythm of every child.

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Editorial Reviews

"A Matter of Principal" by Mandy Davis, now available through Starry Ferry Books, invites readers on an enlightening journey from conventional school settings to the enriching world of homeschooling. Rooted in Davis's experiences as an elementary school principal, the book not only shares a personal narrative but also issues a compelling call to reimagine education globally.

As your literary guides, we at Starry Ferry Books appreciate how Davis candidly navigates the challenges and triumphs of her homeschooling venture, encouraging parents to explore the untapped potential of individualized learning. This narrative, now part of our curated collection, challenges educational norms, prompting readers to reconsider established paradigms.

For educators and parents alike, "A Matter of Principal" is a must-read, offering valuable insights into the flaws within traditional education systems and inspiring innovative ideas for the future of homeschooling. Join us on this thought-provoking odyssey, where Starry Ferry Books proudly presents a narrative that challenges norms and sparks transformative ideas for the education landscape. -- Starry Ferry Books

About the Author

Mandy Davis is more than just an educator; she's a revolutionary voice in the educational arena. From the bustling hallways of a school where she served as a principal, to the vast digital corridors of Instagram where she interacts with her 100K-strong community, Mandy’s mission has always been clear: transforming education in ways that empower both children and families.

With her extensive background in education, Mandy has seen firsthand the challenges and triumphs of the educational system. This intimate understanding, combined with her innate drive, has propelled her into the spotlight as an influential advocate for a more personalized, empowering, and enriching educational experience.

Her thought leadership has not gone unnoticed. Major news outlets like Fox News and the NY Post have regularly featured her insights, echoing her passion and dedication to a wider audience. Further solidifying her status as an educational thought leader, Mandy was recognized in LA Weekly's "Top Ten Innovative Educators in the US", an accolade that speaks volumes of her relentless commitment.

Beyond media appearances, Mandy has taken her message to stages across the country. Her poignant address at the sold-out Wild + Free conference left attendees deeply moved, inspired, and ready to take action.

But at the core of all her achievements is Mandy's unwavering belief in the boundless potential of every child, and the role of educators and parents in unlocking that potential. Through her words, both spoken and written, she's not just sharing a philosophy—she's igniting a movement. Join her as she continues her journey, challenging norms, and reshaping the future of education.

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