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Mikael Carlson

Banning Santa

Banning Santa

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Banning Santa is a heartwarming story about setting aside political differences, finding love, and celebrating the spirit of Christmas.

Nothing can ruin the magic of Christmas. Enter the U.S. House of Representatives.

The holidays are here. Christmas parties are scheduled, and the egg nog and hot chocolate are flowing. It’s a time for family, merriment, and joy. But not for everyone. When an incident with an unruly mall Santa goes viral on social media, it presents an opportunity for an unknown politician to gain attention before the next election. Her plan? Schedule hearings on legislation that bans public depictions of Santa Claus.

Not wanting to see Christmas spoiled for millions of families, two representatives reach across the aisle in a bipartisan effort to kill the legislation before it gets traction. As party leadership applies pressure while jockeying for political positioning, the fate of the “Save Santa” effort hinges on one thing – finding the right Santa Claus to testify against the bill.

Legislative aides Wyatt Huffman and Stowe Bessette are entrusted to track down suitable Santa candidates to find the perfect one. The difficult task is complicated by one immutable fact: they despise each other. Forced to work together for the greater good, they must reconcile while embarking on an unexpected journey in a high-stakes, last-ditch effort to save Christmas.

Banning Santa is a heartwarming story about setting aside political differences, finding love, and celebrating the spirit of Christmas. Will Stowe and Wyatt find the perfect jolly old St. Nick to rekindle the magic of the holiday, or has a jaded public had enough of the commercialization that sucks all the joy out of the season? 


Fiction | Romance | Holiday-Fiction | Political

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Editorial Reviews

Banning Santa offers a delightful twist on Christmas, blending humor, politics, and a dash of romance. Carlson skillfully navigates the intersection of holiday cheer and Capitol Hill chaos, delivering a unique and entertaining tale.

In a surprising deviation from typical festive reads, Carlson injects politics into Christmas, creating a comedic narrative that challenges the commercialization of the holiday. The storyline takes an unexpected turn when a viral video leads to a congressional debate on banning Santa Claus. The ensuing chaos forces two unlikely allies, Wyatt and Stowe, to collaborate in a race against time to save Christmas.

Carlson's narrative prowess shines as he weaves together elements of satire, romance, and festive spirit. The characters, especially Wyatt and Stowe, add depth to the story, and their journey from political adversaries to allies is both heartwarming and humorous.

The novel cleverly mirrors real-life political absurdities, offering a satirical commentary on the state of modern politics while maintaining a lighthearted and festive atmosphere. The quest to find the perfect Santa Claus becomes a symbol of unity and the true essence of Christmas, highlighting the importance of setting aside differences for a common cause.

Banning Santa is a refreshing addition to holiday literature, resonating with those seeking a break from conventional Christmas tales. Carlson's adept storytelling and the novel's unexpected blend of humor and politics make it a standout read, leaving readers with a renewed appreciation for the magic of Christmas and the power of unity. -- Starry Ferry Books

About the Author

Mikael Carlson, author of political thrillers including The iCandidate and Justifiable Deceit, was named as  one of the ‘50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’ in 2018 by The Authors Show.

Mikael Carlson's political thrillers and dramas are a little different. All nine of his novels use multiple first-person narratives to draw the reader right into the heart of the action while expertly examining different themes as the plot unwinds. His multpile award-winning stories are true hero's journeys featuring characters that range from the lovable to the despicable!


Mikael Carlson is bringing political novels to the next level in writing that is truly "Politics as Unusual."


"Mikael Carlson as a force to be reckoned with in this genre." 


Mikael graduated with a Master of Arts  in American History from American Military University in 2010. He also graduated with a B.S. in International Business from Marist College in 1996.


He was raised in the small town of New Milford, Connecticut which served as the inspiration for the town of "Millfield" in the Michael Bennit Series.


An avid world traveler, Mikael always likes coming home to his home in nearby Danbury.

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