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Marin Darmonkow (Author, Illustrator)

'Twas the Night: Dream-like Christmas story

'Twas the Night: Dream-like Christmas story

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'Twas the Night is the only wordless children’s book in the 2GETHER picture book collection. The setting is dark, urban, and the streets are sprinkled with Christmas lights. A boy in a wheelchair finds an injured white dove on a sidewalk and brings it home. The entire book has no other people, cars, or creatures. This reinforces the uniqueness of the two protagonists and adds a dream-like atmosphere to the publication. One of the illustrations shows a framed picture of Peter Pan’s shadow on the mantle, and readers realize the boy’s dream: he wants to fly with the dove. ‘Twas the Night is a real Christmas wonder that encourages readers to apply their own imagination, verbalize their own feelings, and interpret their own emotions while following the illustrations. The subliminal message? Dream big. ‘Twas the Night is a remarkable book in which dreams and reality mix, and imagination takes flight - just as the dove and the boy in the wheelchair do.
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Editorial Reviews

'Twas The Night by Marin Darmonkow is a remarkable book.

-Helen Combe, Onlinebookclub

'Twas the Night is a unique children's book in the fact that it has absolutely no words whatsoever. It's an actual picture book where readers can make up the story as they go along. The "story" is about a boy in a wheelchair who befriends a bird and dreams of flying, using crutches as wings. He also gets to meet Santa as he's flying in his sleigh.

I found the book to be inspiring. It teaches kids to use their imagination and make the story whatever they want it to be. The pictures are bright, colorful, and engaging, and readers will enjoy being able to create something special over and over again. They say a picture tells a thousand words, and that's what 'Twas the Night aims to do.

-Jasmine, Goodreads

Through the illustrations one can remember how dreaming felt as a child, while offering a child the beauty of what it means to dream.

-Christine Bialczak, Reedsy

'Twas the Night, this incredible, wordless, wonderfully illustrated children's picture book, inspires imagination with message of love and kindness, remembered forever thereafter inside one's heart and soul.

-Lawrence Collins, Goodreads

This book tells an absolutely amazing story with nothing more than pictures. It has a very deep meaning. It is very emotional, and a very heartfelt book. Marin did an amazing job conveying the emotional feeling in this book. Love and humanity for all ♥️!

-Jamie, Goodreads

An artistic, nicely illustrated Christmas tale that offers a valuable sentiment.

-Kirkus Reviews

Charming story told in pictures. Flight of fancy.

-Gwen, Goodreads

'Twasthe Night: Christmas dream-like story by Marin is a children's book in a unique format.

-Gisela Dixon, ReadersFavorite

'Twas the Night' by Marin is a word-less picture book that will touch your heart.

-Dr.Tan, Librarything

Beautiful illustrations and a conversation starter with my children about different abilities, empathy, and the power of dreaming.

About the Author

Marin Darmonkow

Recipient of the Literary Titan Book Award, Wishing Shelf Book Award, Creative Child Magazine's 2023 Book Book of the Year, and other book awards

A long time ago Marin was a child. He was one year old when his father passed away. His mother remarried and Marin was raised by his loving (but strict!) grandparents. He learned to read and write long before he went to school. Books became his imaginary parents and his fictional friends.

Marin studied nuclear physics, art, and literature. He owned an advertising agency for many years.

Oh, a few more things: he does not drive, he does not drink carbonated beverages, he has never consumed food from fast-food restaurants, he does not have a mobile phone, he has never used legal or illegal drugs, and he has never visited his GP (much to the disapproval of his wife). He started his small publishing house FONTREAL (children’s picture books) in 2016. Marin lives with his family on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean - in St. John’s, NL, Canada.

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