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Adam Griffin

When Wrong Seems Right: A Kids Bible Study on Making Good Choices

When Wrong Seems Right: A Kids Bible Study on Making Good Choices

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Helping kids fall in love with God and His Word as they study the Bible for themselves.

Is that right? A heart guide for discerning wrong from right.

Our kids are growing up in a confusing world with an abundance of messages that are contrary to God’s word. This Bible study takes your kids through forty Proverbs, providing wisdom for right thinking and living. Proverbs is a great place to start for kids who are studying the Bible on their own for the first time or who are trying to find a rhythm for regular Bible study. With straightforward easy-to-understand lessons, your kids will learn how to study their Bibles and how to apply it. They will discover what it looks like to follow Christ in a world that doesn’t. As your kids study the Proverbs, they will find that even when they make wrong choices, God is kind to forgive and set them on the right path. And, most importantly, they will receive the necessary help to follow the fount of all wisdom: Jesus.

When Wrong Seems Right emboldens your kids in God’s truth so they can grow into a courageous generation of wise young men and women!


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Editorial Reviews

“This devotional is strategic and purposeful in its methodology, reflecting Griffin’s background in education. Kids who go through this devotional will never just ‘read a Bible verse’ again. Every lesson reinforces that God rarely says something just once; rather the Bible can be cross-referenced to get a fuller understanding of each verse. The way the questions are phrased trains kids to always be looking for connections between seemingly disparate passages. Comparing similarities is higher order thinking and will make youth dig deeper than the more commonly used ‘read and regurgitate’ type questions. This book doesn’t just teach the Bible. It teaches kids how to read, study, and integrate the Bible into their lives—and gives them permission to ask follow-up questions (which communicates to them that the church is a safe place for questions!). Well done, Adam! I’ll be recommending this study to all my Mama Bears!”
—Hillary Morgan Ferrer
President and founder of Mama Bear Apologetics; coauthor of Mama Bear Apologetics: Empowering Your Kids to Challenge Cultural Lies and Mama Bear Apologetics Guide to Sexuality: Empowering Your Kids to Understand and Live Out God’s Design

“It’s not easy to write a book for kids that marries substance and simplicity, but Adam has brought the two together beautifully in this kid-friendly guide to God’s guidance. These pages channel God’s wisdom through a wise pastor to make wise kids.”
—David Murray
Pastor of First Byron CRC; author of Exploring the Bible and Meeting with Jesus

“Adam eloquently described the book of Proverbs as ‘God’s gift of wisdom.’ Only Adam could unwrap that gift for kids in a way that encourages them, through questions, to discover God’s path and a life well lived.”
—Ron Hunter Jr.
Author and CEO of D6 Family Ministry

“Adam’s book is a great resource that will help children understand the beauty and value of the wisdom we receive from God. Through this study, he offers a concise and captivating overview of Proverbs and, along the way, helps children grow their Bible study skills. Parents and children alike will find this book to be a blessing!”
—Elizabeth Woodson
Author and Bible teacher

When Wrong Seems Right is a very helpful, practical, and accessible introduction to the book of Proverbs. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to grow in wisdom as they grow up!”
—Rebecca McLaughlin
Author of Exploring the Earliest Gospel: A Kids Bible Study in the Book of Mark, among other books

About the Author

ADAM GRIFFIN (DEdMin, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is the lead pastor of Eastside Community Church in Dallas, Texas. He is the coauthor ofFamily Discipleship with Matt Chandler. He previously served as an elder and spiritual formation pastor at the Village Church. Adam lives in Dallas with his wife Chelsea, and their three sons Oscar, Gus, and Theodore.

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